Monday, 15-09-2014 at 05:29 | By yourkindofguy Apps | 376 words

There will always be these essential applications on our phone that we always use everyday. So I am sharing mine’s.


  1. I always need to transfer files from my phone to my laptop. AirDroid helped me a lot in doing it. As long as my laptop and my phone are both connected to a same wifi connection, or even phone is using data only, this app will work. But it doesn’t limit itself from transferring files. You can also manage your messages like receiving, sending and replying to sms. Cool right?
  2. Facebook. Everyone (I guessed?) uses this. So better have this app installed on your phone to get updated with your friends and post your updates as well.
  3. Calling all single gays, bisexual males, and curious men out there! Grindr is one of my favorites. Whenever I need to flirt, watch a movie and my friends ain’t free to join me, or if I’m bored, this app is always on the go. Dating is fun here also, but I don’t guarantee true love.
  4. Posting updates isn’t just using texts. Now, photos and short clip videos will make your friends and followers to better appreciate your status. Instagram it!
  5. This is one of the best app. You’ll get to listen to songs depending on your mood, or likes. I like listening to Teen Party, Ultimate Covers and Sleep playlists. Spotify has it all.
  6. Most of my friends has Twitter. And they’re all active. So I need Twitter to communicate to them. Microblogging really is cool when you only have less than 160 characters to post.
  7. Texting is replaced with Viber now. This app is really useful most specially when you need to contact someone overseas.
  8. And lastly, be a professional photographer with VSCOcam. Remember, this will 100% work if you have a good camera phone. :P

So, what are your favourite or mostly used apps?

Monday, 28-10-2013 at 23:27 | By yourkindofguy Men's Wear,Sweater | 346 words

Urban wear was an easy trend to nail in the summer. Throw on a snapback and a vest, and you were ready to soak up the sun in style. Do this in the winter, however, and you’re sure to look a fool, not to mention catching a nasty cold in the process. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you reinvent your street style this winter.

Swap your t-shirts for sweatshirts

It is important to be practical with your clothing choices during the winter. This doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to style though – far from it!

There are a great collection of graphic printed sweatshirts on the market at the minute. Go for a dark coloured sweatshirt with a stand-out logo or imagery to inject a bit of colour into your winter wardrobe. Take a look at the range of King Apparel sweatshirts available from Capology. These quality sweatshirts are a favourite with rappers like Plan B and will easily help you nail this look.


This isn’t to say you should totally lock your t-shirts away until next year. A t-shirt can still work in the winter; just make sure you’re wearing it with a thick hoody or coat, to provide all of the warmth you will need.

Choose a beanie over a snapback

Not just a fashion accessory, snapbacks were great to keep the sun off your head and face in the summer. Now that winter is here, we need a different, but equally as stylish, hat to see us through the colder months.